Choose SaniPocket for online booking

Allow your patients to book the medical services through Smartphone and PC

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Aumenta i Servizi verso il Paziente con l’innovativa piattaforma cloud Sanipocket

SaniPocket | Booking Online - In Cloud Reporting - Electronic Health Dossier - Storage

Online Bookings

Allow yout patient to make an online booking through Smartphone or PC


Electronic Health Dossier

Deliver reports, consents and receipts to your patiens through the App and the WebApp, and create theirs Electronic Health Dossier

In Cloud Reporting

Allow medics to make in cloud Reports and teleconsultations.



Store all the Medical Structure’s documents in a protected, safe and GDPR compliant space.

We’re already interfaced with the main management softwares in the Health Field 

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Choose SaniPocket even for Covid-19 Reports

Share the results with your patient in a fast, safe and GDPR compliant way.


All your document kept safe

The SaniPocket platform, based on the PortaliInCloud Documents software, allows you to store and keep safe all of your Structure’s Medical Documents.

SaniPocket provides every customer with a dedicated server, with high security levels, in which to archive all the Medical Documents in a GDPR Compliant way.
The servers are located in italian DataCenters with Tier III warranty level, ISO9001 and 27001 certified.

All the stored documents will be automatically anonymized and encrypted with Public and Private Key.

Optionally is possible to activate the document’s Time Marking with the affixing of blockchains or time markers.
With an additional service, even to be activated later, we can store Italian Public Administration’s documents in AGID certified Servers.

We will manage your backups, due to the new GDPR directives they will be encrypted and stored in separeted repositories.


Share with the patient

Provide your patients with the SaniPocket App access, with which they’ll be able totake a look at the Electronic Health Dossier and be able to have the Medical Documentation without any time limits.

The share with the patient happens automaticallywhen a new document is inserted in the Electronic Health Dossier with time saving for both the Medical Structure and the patient itself, who won’t go directly to the structure to retrieve the Medical Report.


Digitalize documents and consents

With the SaniPocket platform you can obtain all the patient’s consents digitally. You can ask the patient the consents for the Data Treatment, the Electronic Health Dossier and medical services with the Digital Signature Pad; SaniPocketwill generate the digitally signed electronic documents and insert them in the Electonic Health Dossier.

This allows the Medical Structure to delete the physical models and relative storage, in a compliant way to the actual normative.


Medical records cards and questionnaires

Dematerialize medical records cards and questionnaires and allow the patient to complete them online.

View them together with the clinical diary in the reporting portal and save them in the patient’s medical record folder and in his Dossier.


Reports Generation

Available for every Medic of the Reporting InCloud Portal, accessible from every PC connected to the net. With this tool it’s possible to createdigital reports, sign them digitally and also share them with the patient through the SaniPocket App.

Each doctor always has a list of his patients, all their medical documentation and a list of visits with which to organize their work sessions.

All the documents created by the Doctor flow into the patient’s Dossier, also accessible by the Medical Structure.

Different report models are available for each branch of medicine, there is also the possibility to customize these models to perfectly adapt them to the needs of each individual facility or professional.


Remote Teleconsultation

With the Reporting portal, provided to your medic staff, is possible to manage consults distanced.
The platform allows to share documents, video-calls, creation and filling of prescriptions, letters ti the doctor and reports.
With SaniPocket you can enhance the medic-patient interaction.


Keep in touch with the patient

With SaniPocket you’ll directly receive the documents, themedical reports or the clinical diary shared by the patient. Share information, timetables and promotions with him directly through the SaniPocketApp. In a very simple way, by uploading a document or a communication the patient will receive a notification on his device.


Calendar of visits

With SaniPocket you’ll be able to create and manage the medics’s calendars, their availability, make the patientable tobook a visit through the App. The patient can see the availability of each medic and service, and make the reservation independently, both from the App and from the PC. The Medical Structure’s availability can also be inserted on the website.

All the reservations made by the patient, and confirmed by the medical structure, will generate the medic’s daily worklist.

(Function available only in some versions of the platform that require integration with the management of the clinic.)

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Additional documents

In connection with your management system, with our platform you can digitally generate treatment estimates, receipts, invoices and automatically sharethem with patients through the SaniPoket App.
You can send receipt and invoice data to the TS system or the Electronic Invoice interchange system from the platform.
In addition to the documents generated by the platform, the documents can be taken from the management software and sent to the patient’s Electronic Health Dossier through the interface section.

(Function available only in some versions of the platform that require integration with the management of the clinic.)


Access to foreign states

The Sanipocket platform is available in several languages ​​and is localized in the country of the client’s healthcare facility. The location of the document management and certification system resides in European Union countries and has therefore been designed in compliance with the GDPR-EU ref. EU no. 2016/679. Currently outside the Italian territory, due to regulations related to international copyright and to the different types of consent to use, the customized version for the client clinic is released, with single facility access, at no additional cost. Outside the territory of residence, the patient already registered, becomes international and can connect foreign clinics to his dossier to facilitate his and his family’s movements.


National Electronic Health Dossier

.The SaniPocket platform is interfaced-ready for the Italian’s National DSE (Electronic Health Dossier)

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