Your Health always in your pocket

With SaniPocket, accessible through smartphone and PC, you can always access to your medical documentation (medical reports, receipts, consents, prescriptions), uploaded and updated from your trusted Medical Structures. Always stay in touch with your doctors and bookyour visits online.

SaniPocketyour Electronical Health Dossier always in your pocket.

SaniPocket - Your health always in your pocket.

Your health always with You


Electronic Health Dossier

All your medical reports, like your receipts and consents, prescriptions, will be always be available without any time limit in your SaniPocket App. You can take a look , download and share them, through Smartphone and PC. Every operation is protected and compliant to the GDPR.


Download and Share

Download the medical report from home, no need to go to the Medical Structure. All the medical documentation will be contained into your Electronic Health Dossier. Share your docs via smartphone or PC,in a secure and GDPR compliant way.



In the “Book” section you can view the availabilityof your trusted doctor and booka visit directly from the App or from the Web App.
Later you will receive a confirmation of the booking from the doctor or clinic.


Your Space

The “My Space” section allows you to upload other important docs, in order to always have them with you. The “My Space” section allows you to uploadother important docs, in order to always have them with you. In a few clicks you can sharethe docs inside your Dossier with your Medical Structure and your Medic, like before a medical examination or medical consultation.



Apply a TAG to the most important docs, in order to find them easily in the “Favorites” section. Get ready to your next Medical Appointment by ordering all your docs. Be prepared with your clinical history.


Family Profile

In the App,insert your family profiles, in order to have all them Medical Documentation available. Sons and Parents always under control to follow the prescriptions given by the Medics.



Ask more infos about your Medical Reports to the Medical Structures directly from the App. Keep in touch with your Medics, follow the prescriptions given and keep them updated periodically.


Your Diary

Insert into your Diary infos about your health, allergies, medicines, clinical history, memos and many more. All of this data will be shareablewith your Medic or Medical Structure.


Your Health

Daily track your Life Parameters like your weight, body max index, blood pressure, heart beat, breathing frequency, hypoglycemia and many more. You’ll be able to share them with your Medic.

Download SaniPocket

Register yourself in 3 simple moves.



1. Request for Activation

Go to your Medical Structure and ask to activate your Electronic Health Dossier with SaniPocket.


2. Get the Credentials

After signing the consent, you’ll receive from the Medical Structure the credentialsto make the access to your profile in SaniPocket.


3. Make the First Access

Once given the credentials you’ll be able to make the first access and start using SaniPocket.

Your Medical Structure isn’t a SaniPocket partner?

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